Scandalous Weaves

English version coming soon!

Scandalous Weaves

Weaves by Dani Lehrer

In this course you learn how easy it is to train
the weaves.
Besides the theory, the course is mainly designed for practical
You will see that with the right background knowledge,
a lot of time can be saved.

 The FULL FORCE online courses stand for a
small-step and well thought-out structure. This creates a weaves mastery,
that gives the handler great flexibility in the course and the dog confidence.


The course is designed for people who want a professional weaves training for their dog or,
alternatively, want to retrain the weaves with the help
of the course.

In addition, great speeds are achieved by working
on the channel weaves.
Thus, the course is also suitable if you want to work on the speed
of your dog.

 Let's make a scandalous story!


Needed equipment

I work without guides/wires. For me, this has the advantage that you don't have to gradually remove them again.


Course duration





Training Videos

Training Plans and Explanatory Documents

English version coming soon!

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