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Dani Lehrer

Wer mich nicht kennt, hat etwas verpasst und sollte es schnellstmöglich nachholen 😛

Ich lebe mit meinen 4 Hunden Pepsi (Groenendael), Tippi (Border Collie), Leni (Border Collie) und Topo (Border Collie) im schönen Remstal. Meine kleine Familie.

Everything I start, I do extremely. Therefore, it is also clear that my hobby Agility meanwhile became a passion.

I spend almost my whole free time on this passion.

Regularly, I educate myself with online courses & seminars and develop myself constantly, so there is no stagnation.

Also, I am a dog trainer with official approval according to § 11 para 1 Animal Welfare Act.

  • Rainer Dorenkamp (Canis)Coming on call - a matter of luck?
  • Michael Grewe (Canis): Practical week Canis - selection internship
  • Michael Grewe & Dr. Walter Reulecke & Gerd Leder (Canis): Introduction to Cynology
  • Dr. rer. nat. Iris Mackensen-Friedrichs (Canis): Body language of the dog
  • Dr. Iris Mackensen-Friedrichs & Nicole Kieschnick (Canis): How does a dog learn? - principles of learning behavior
  • Dr. Fedddersen-Petersen & Dr. rer. nat. Iris Mackensen-Friedrichs (Canis): Dog Behaviour 2 - Communication 
  • Dr. Feddersen-Petersen & Michael Grewe (Canis)Dog Behavior 3 - Play and Aggression Behaviour
  • Dr. Fedddersen-Petersen & Dr. rer. nat. Iris Mackensen-Friedrichs (Canis): Behaviour of the Dog 4 - Social Behaviour and Social Organization
  • Bettina Bannes-Grewe (Canis)Puppy rearing and education - setting up and moderating a puppy group
  • Thomas Baumann (Hundezentrum Baumann): "Wish concert dog training"
  • Günther Bloch: "Open theory and practical seminar"
  • Uwe Friedrich (Team Canin): Basic seminar, puppy and young dog seminar, the team concept - the 4 pillars of dog training, playing correctly, leash aggression, three-week internship
  • In addition, many lectures with various well-known dog trainers.

PEPSI \\ TIPPI \\ LENI \\ Topo

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