Why an online course at all?

I often observe the lack of the basics, incoherent training, too rapid “progress” in training or an unsound consolidation of the basics.
Full Force Agility online training is therefore not explicitly aimed at puppies and young dogs,
but should be a help for the dog handler in building the basic foundation regardless of the dog’s age.
The primary goal is to maximize the confirmation through a simple and well thought-out structure.
This minimizes unnecessary frustration of the dog - it is better to take a step back instead of a step too far forward too early.

Online Courses

Become a little star

In this course you will get the basis for your future agility dog.

This course covers the foundation for young dogs at the age of 3 month and older.

Fly High, be fast!

This course teaches the heart of my general agility training.

Therefore, it is suitable as a continuation to "Full Force - Become a little Star" for young dogs, but also for more experienced teams who want to improve their basics.

"Full Force fly high, be fast!" begins with focus on the obstacles in the start position. Afterwards it is about working on obstacles in the dogs running direction (no hurdles "from behind").

Fly Higher, be faster!

We complete our handling with the different outside cues and the " in-cue ". 

Through many repetitions, different situations and "course figures" we generalize the basics and put together more puzzle pieces in the dog's head.

become a superstar

All in! Challenges by Dani Lehrer

The last course of my basic series. Here we ask for all the agility basics learned in the previous courses in different exercises and parcours sequences.

Scandalous Weaves

Weaves by Dani Lehrer

Perfekt sitzende Slalom Ein- & Ausgänge aus allen Winkeln und ein blitzschnelles & selbständiges abarbeiten der 12 Stangen, ergibt später einen skandalösen Slalom. Der Name soll Programm werden.

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